Childrens Lessons

Children’s Riding Lessons

Private lessons focus on the individual rider. You won’t get lost in the crowd. We offer private and semi-private lessons for families. During our Mommy (or Daddy) and me classes, parent and child ride together.

Learn to ride correctly for FUN, exercise or to show in a relaxed family atmosphere.  Lessons are based on natural riding techniques. Learn proper balance and control through the use of your seat, hands and legs.  Most riders in this area do not have the proper seat to ride with balance and control.  Let us teach you the correct methods.  

We are not a backyard operation, we have 50 years of training and experience plus we have the show record to prove it! Our lessons teach your child to ride a horse or pony.  We do not give glorified pony rides where your child bounces around on a horse picking up bad riding habits.  Your child will learn correct riding techniques, proper care of the horse and how to fit their equipment properly.

 Our program philosophy is based on balanced riding techniques. We believe in teaching basics to provide a well balanced confident rider. Students ride the same horse in their lessons until they are ready to advance. We start students on steady quiet horses until they are in control of their balance and confident. Our riders are successful because of this attention.

You will have a regularly scheduled lesson day & time.  No bouncing days & times from week to week unless that works for your schedule.

We have no age restrictions on private lessons.  Our students range in age from        3 years old to 60 years old. 

If you put together a group of your child’s friends, we will form a group lesson for them at a reduced per child rate. We limit our groups to three children. Group classes are not offered to children under 9 years old. These restrictions are for the safety of the children.

Riding lessons include brushing, saddling, bridling and basic horse care and safety. The prices are based on actual riding time and do not include preparation time. All of our lesson horses are calm and safe for anyone to ride. The lesson horses/ponies are either past or current show horses.

If you are comparing prices, please compare our prices to the cost of other facility’s PRIVATE lessons.  Our private lessons are priced at the cost of a group lesson at other facilities because we truly believe a private or semi-private lesson is the best way to learn to ride. The cost of a private lesson is as follows:

30 minutes                 $30

45 minutes                 $35

One hour                    $40

1 hour 15 minutes      $45

1 hour 30 minutes      $50

We show regularly from March to October.  If you would like to show with us, we

would love to have you!  If not, that is fine too.  There is no pressure to go to horse shows. We want you to learn, ride and have fun, no matter what your goal.

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Lauren at a horse show in Chincoteague, VA .