Karen's Shows

Karen’s Shows is a casual show series in honor of Karen Kershaw, who held shows for those learning about shows and those who wanted to just show their horse.  Karen has retired  but will be judging two of our shows this year!

What is a casual show?  A show where all breeds are appreciated and welcomed.  A show for the beginner to learn from the more experienced.  A show for the more experienced to show with less stress.  A show where you don’t have to worry about wearing last year’s outfit or if you forgot your gloves or pin.  A show where the more experienced are not too good to help the beginner.  A show where a beginner can ask a question and learn more.

More fun, less stress!


Our judges have experience with more than one breed, have no breed prejudice, and are professional instructors and trainers.

The show is usually over between 2 and 4 so we have added the new Speed Divisions and games classes at the end.  


    • Karen’s Shows Class List                               2015                            4/11, 5/9, 9/12, 10/10, 11/14
    • Cost:   $8 per class or  $45 all day, unlimited classes for one horse/rider combo ($25 for second horse/rider combo)   Food will be available at show. 
    • Classes will run in numeric order except trail and speed classes.  Classes will be split if entries warrant. 
    • All breeds can enter any class and any age rider may enter the class for their experience (unless otherwise noted). 
    • In case of bad weather, if in doubt, please call 302-422-7571 or 302-382-3621
    • Show starts at 9:00 
  • Leadline On Lead  (English, Western, Saddleseat)
    • 1.   Leadline      Walk on lead    2.  Leadline    Walk over poles    3.   Leadline – Weave cones   
  • Leadline Off Lead
    • 4.   Leadline Walk   Off Lead    5.  Leadline  Walk  over poles    6. Leadline - Weave cones  
    • Ten Minute Break
    • 7. Adult Leadline  (children lead the adult)
  • Halter and Showmanship
    • 8. Stock  Horse Halter  (QH, Paint, etc.)      9. Pleasure  Horse Halter (Arabian, Morgan, etc.)       10. Pony Halter
    •         11. Beginner Showmanship             12. Advanced Showmanship     13. Adult Showmanship
  • Green Horse English (first year or second year of showing English under saddle)
    • 14.   Green Horse/Pony  Walk        15.   Green Horse/Pony  Walk/Trot     16.   Green Horse/Pony   W/T/C 
  • Green Horse Western (first year or second year of showing Western under saddle)
  •          17. Green Horse/Pony Walk     18.  Green Horse/Pony Walk/Jog           19.  Green Horse/Pony  W/T/C

     4-H Beginner Equitation  (hunt seat, saddle seat, and Western – must be current 4-H member)

    •   20.  4-H Walk          21. 4-H Walk/Trot   22. 4-H Walk/Trot over poles
  • 4-H Advanced  Equitation (hunt seat, saddle seat, and Western – must be current 4-H member)
  •     23.   4-H  Walk/Trot 24. 4-H Walk/Trot/Canter         25.   4-H Walk/Trot/Canter one way of ring   w/individual figure 8

    Beginner   English Equitation  ( hunt seat and saddleseat)  See Rule 13.

    • 26. Beginner English Equitation – Walk   27  Beginner Eng Equitation  W/T   28. Beginner Eng Equitation  W/T  over poles
  • Intermediate English Equitation (hunt seat and saddleseat)  See Rule 13.
  •         29. Intermediate English Equitation – Walk    30.  Int. English Equitation W/T    31.  Int. English Equitation W/T/C

    Advanced English Equitation  (Hunt seat and Saddleseat)   See Rule 13. 

    • 32. Advanced English Equitation Walk/Trot/     33.  Adv. English Equitation W/T/C  
    • 34.  Adv. English Eq Hack (W/T/C one way of ring – individually jump two fences at 18” – Saddleseat  does Figure 8)
  • Adult English Equitation (Hunt Seat and Saddleseat) 
  •    35.  Adult English Equitation walk/trot 36. Adult W/T/C    37.  Adult Equitation Hack  (same as Advanced class)

    Hunter Under Saddle (open to all hunter type horses)

           38. Hunter Pleasure W/T    39. Hunter Pleasure W/T/C   40.  Hunter Pleasure Hack (W/T/C and two 18” fences)

    English Pleasure Horse

          41. Walk/trot or gaited  42. Walk, Trot, Canter or gaited

    English Pleasure Pony

          43.  Walk/Trot or gaited                  44. Walk/Trot/Canter   or gaited     

    Western Performance Classes will not begin before 1:00

     Western Pleasure

    • 45. Western Pleasure Horse  W/J or gaited        46. Western Pleasure Horse W/J/L   or gaited
  • Western Pleasure Pony
    • 47. Western Pleasure Pony  W/J        48.  Western Pleasure Pony W/J/L
  •   Beginner Western Horsemanship 
  •         49. Beginner Western Horsemanship Walk    50. Beginner Horsemanship  W/J    51. Beginner Horsemanship Freestyle

     Advanced Western Horsemanship

    • 52. Advanced Western Horsemanship W/J    53.  Adv. Horsemanship W/J/L    54.  Adv. Horsemanship  Freestyle (see rules)
  • Adult Western Horsemanship
  • 55. Adult Western Horsemanship W/J   56. Adult Horsemanship W/J/L     57. Adult Horsemanship Freestyle

    Old Farts and Tarts Pleasure  (You know if you qualify for this one!  Can be senior horse and/or rider.) 

            58.  OFT Pleasure Walk 59.  OFT Pleasure Walk/Trot,Jog         60. OFT Pleasure Walk/Trot, Jog/Lope, Canter

    (continued on back)

SPEED Division and OVER FENCES Divisions will be in Ring 3         Separate ring and judge.

Note:  Over fences will have set times.  You can come anytime during that hour for your classes. 


Over Fences Classes (warmup will be available until 10:00)

Beginner Over fences classes:  10:00 to 11:00

  • 61. Beginner Equitation Over Fences (all ages)  over 4 cross rails  62. Beginner Hunter over fences (4 Cross rails)
  • Intermediate Over Fences classes:  11:00 to 12:00
  • 63. Intermediate Equitation Over Fences (all ages) over 8 fences 18”      64. Intermediate Hunter Horse Over Fences (8 fences at 18”)
  • Advanced Over Fences at 2 feet:  12:00 to 1:00
  • 65. Advanced Equitation Over Fences  (8 fences at 2’)        66. Advanced hunter Over Fences  (8 fences at 2’)
  • Advances Over Fences at 2 feet 6 inches:  1:00 to 2:00


  • 67. Advanced Equitation over Fences (8 fences at 2’6”) 69.  Advanced Hunter Horse O/F  (8 fences at 2’6”)


Speed Division  (Speed classes will begin after the last class in Ring 1 but not before the conclusion of the over fences classes)

Beginner SPEED Division  (Same horse/rider combination may not cross enter into Advanced*)

 70.   Barrels   71.   Pole Bending  72.   Keyhole

Advanced SPEED Division 

 73.  Barrels   74. Pole Bending  75.  Keyhole


Speed Classes will be run  in the following order:  70, 73, 71, 74, 72, 75


  • Trail to be held from 12:00 to 2:00, Separate ring/judge (Indoor Arena)
  • 73.  Leadline Trail (7 and under)        76. Advanced Trail
  • 74.  Beginner Trail  Walk/Trot   (1st or 2nd year of showing, any age)  77. In Hand Trail – Beginner
  • 75.  Green Horse Trail  (1st year of showing Trail)                  78. In Hand Trail – Advanced
  • GAMES:                 79.  Water Glass     80.  $5 Bareback (you supply your own $5 and winner keeps the money!) 
  • *SPEED DIVISION Clarification:  A beginner rider may enter on an advanced horse in the beginner division and the same horse can be used by an advanced rider in the Advanced Speed Division. An advanced rider may take a beginner horse in the beginner division and use a different horse in the advanced division.  The same combination of horse and rider cannot be entered in both the Beginner and Advanced Speed Division. 
  • WESTERN DRESSAGE   Cost is $10 per test.  All tests are from the Western Dressage Association of America. Western Dressage will begin around 3 (hopefully! LOL)  Western dressage tests can be included with the all day fee.  
  • 81.  WDAA Introduction Level – Test 1  82.  WDAA Introduction Level – Test 2   83.  WDAA Intro Level – Test 3
  • 84.  WDAA Basic Level – Test 1        85.  WDAA Basic Level – Test 2     86.  WDAA Basic Level – Test 3
  • The Rules
  • 1.  It is mandatory that boots and helmets are worn while mounted on any horse in any class (including Western) or while mounted on the grounds.  This is an insurance requirement, any violation by any child or adult will result in a request to leave the show grounds and any entries will be forfeited.   Yes, it applies to adults too!
  • 2.  All horses/ponies must have a coggins within one year of show date. 
  • 3.  Horses shown in any  shanked bit (curb, reining, Pelham, Kimberwicke, etc.) must have a curb strap or chain.  No gag bits or mechanical hackamores in any class.  Bosals and English hackamores  are permitted. Snaffles or bosals are acceptable for all ages of horse in all classes.  No tie downs in any class.  Martigales are permitted in Equitation classes but not pleasure or hunter flat classes.
  • 4.  Showmanship must have a halter and lead. Bridle is correct for English attire showmanship.  Silver is optional and will not be considered in any aspect of the judging.  Correct attire and cleanliness (clipped and brushed unless breed does not require clipping such as Welsh pony, draft horse, Fresian, etc.) of horse and exhibitor will be considered  in showmanship.  Nylon halters are not considered proper show tack for halter or showmanship.   A plain leather halter is not expensive and can be bought at Chick’s, Rainbows End, or online.
  • 5.  Mane banding and braiding is optional and will not be considered in the judging of any classes. 
  • 6.  Because of the time of year of these shows, bathing your horse is not expected or required.  A good brushing will be fine.
  • 7.  Classes will be split if there are more than six entries dependent upon the entries.  For Example:  4 junior riders enter with 3 adult riders, class would be split into junior and adult.  Split of classes will be determined by show management . Division will be designated with class number and the letter A.  If this happens at three or more shows,  a year end award will be awarded to both divisions.
  • 8. English classes will be split into hunt seat and saddleseat if entries warrant a split. Division will be designated with class number and the letter A.  If this happens at three or more shows, a year end award will be awarded to both  divisions.
  • 9.  Patterns will be posted day of show.  This is for showmanship, over fences and trail.  Additional Equitation and Horsemanship patterns are at the Judge’s discretion.  Ranch Horse Pleasure patterns are available online at www.aqha.com or in the current AQHA rule book. 
  • 10. NO LOOSE DOGS please!  All dogs on the grounds must be on a lease at all times.
  • 11. Please do not crowd other horses and riders especially at the entry gate.  This is counter- productive to a safe environment and a good performance.   This is an issue at many shows so please learn to deal with it appropriately.
  • 12. All 4-H members should participate in a  showmanship class since it is a requirement at the State 4-H show.  
  • 13. Equitation, Horsemanship, Leadline, and 4-H Divisions: No cross entering between divisions the day of the show.  You may move up at the next show but cannot show two divisions on the same show day.  For Example:  If you show in beginner equitation, you cannot show in Intermediate or Advanced on that show day.  If you show in Intermediate, you cannot show in Beginner or Advanced for that day.  At the next show, you may change divisions if you wish.  Leadline riders may not show in any other classes other than Halter, Showmanship and  Leadline Trail. 
  • 14.  Western Green horse and English Green Horse is a horse in its first or second year of showing.  Can cross enter.
  • 15.  Western Freestyle – horses work one direction of the ring at at W/J or W/J/L, then you have one minute (individually) to show off something extra about your horse (your choice, short reining pattern, figure 8, tricks, anything unusual that you or your horse may do that is entertaining or impressive).
  • 16.  Abuse of horses during show will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave show grounds.  Abuse is excessive, repeated yanking of the bit; hitting the horse in the head area with anything; gouging with spurs; excessive whipping especially in anger; etc..
  • Year End Awards:  You and/or your horse must attend at least two shows to qualify for year end awards.  Points will be tracked on all  entries with a placing for the entire show season.  Equitation points go with the rider, pleasure and all other performance class points go with the horse.   Year End Awards Luncheon will be February 6, 2016.
  • Horse Trailer Parking:  Entrance to trailer parking is off of Sun Street.  If coming off of Route 36 (Shawnee Road), Sun Street starts in front of the farm.  If coming from Killens Pond or Harrington direction, Sun Street is between Staytonsville Road and Shawnee Road. 
  • RAIN or BAD Weather Information:   Our pasture (parking area) is on low ground so please call if we have had excessive rain the week before the show or if the weather is bad the day of the show.   If you want to be called for a cancellation, please email me your phone number and I will call you.  eannett@annettfarms.com